Karma Soul Records

About Us

Karma Soul Records.

We have developed this operation, keeping the interest of all musicians in mind. We believe that music of all genres, shape and form, are of equal importance to the soul and spiritual expression. Getting back to the root of the arts is our main game, in doing so we offer a few ideal services for musicians and unique audio production methodology. Our albums, EP’s, and singles, contain a spiritual message of freedom, throughout a variety of styles. We form our creativity from a mixture of organic and electronic elements.

We come from a background in, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Alternative, Folk Rock and other electronic genres. We have played in a few bands throughout the years and solo DJ/electronic performance positions. We were also involved in event productions, so we understand the industry from many angles. Many years prior to the development of this operation, we worked with graphic and web design in a verity of environments. This strengthens our ability during the process of connecting effective visual elements to music.

We feel that the most important subject involving artists these days, is expressing their creative spiritual energy. Having a way that works for everyone at the same time, through means of a strong network is key. As we have discovered this for ourselves, we now wish to help others with this. We are primarily a record label, but involved in other services. We are easy to work with, offering production and sound development, remixing, mastering and Identity Graphics Service for the needs of most artists.

Again we welcome you to contact us with your vision or suggestions and we will work creatively together.