Karma Soul Records

ILPS Hard House



About the Construction Kit:
Karma Soul Records ‘ILPS Intelligent Loops Percussion Hard House Kit’, is a collection of intelligently processed loop samples, inspired by hit makers, and internationally renowned producers like; BK, Technikal, Lisa Lashes, Andy Whitby and Amber D.

‘ILPS’ Intelligently processed loop samples, have been numerically organized for easy live production access, in studio and/or on stage. In this unique construction kit, you will find the most needed, and ideal elements for all up-to-date hard house in cleanly laid out separate folders.

All of the elements of the construction kit, (a total of 133 loop files) have been broken out into separate folders; kicks, claps, hats, crashes, bridges consisting of buildups and breaks. This includes 2 separate combinations sections, filled with tons of shaking elements, rides, and many other ideal hard house percussion sounds. The combinations sections have been carefully synchronized together, to create infinitely wonderful creative mixes. Each part has been isolated, so you can choose which parts you want to use in your own track. All parts are “looped” perfectly, so you can simply drag and drop the desired parts into your music sequencer.

Built for all level of Producers:
This product has been constructed from the ground up with ‘usability’ in mind. It has been designed to appeal to beginners, intermediate, and professional users alike. This particular kit is designed with an option for looping all sections with intelligent gaps, or you can loop it in your digital audio workstation, at half the distance for a solid loop. If you wish, you may read the instructions included for assistance in setup with your favorite DAW, or outboard sequencer.

All of the content in ‘ILPS Intelligent Loops Percussion Hard House Kit’ is 100% royalty-free. Once purchased, you can use these audio loops in your private, and commercial productions, with no restrictions.

Recommended for the following DAW software with advanced live-time function:
Abelton Live
FL Studio
MOTU Digital Performer
Sony Acid Pro
Bitwig Studio

Karma Soul Records ‘ILPS Hard House’ features:
Specially crafted, and designed for all forms of hard house production.
Ideal for easy and strong creative production during live-time in studio and on stage.
WAV format and High Resolution
44.1 KHz / 24-bit Quality
144-160 BPM – Recommended Rang Usage

1 Royalty-free Construction kit
Total of 133 loop files (884 MB)
16 Kicks
12 Claps
20 Hats
9 Crashes
8 Bridges
38 Combinations 1
30 Combinations 2