Karma Soul Records


Artist Identity Graphics:

Being able to express your musical style, and connect with so many people, is exactly what we understand well in our department of graphic design.

Usually, we would recommend developing a strong logo and/or logotype for your identity. In the process of this, we provide album or single cover art, flyer and poster designs, if you wish. We have the ability to tie the style together, in such a way that all matches your identity as a unique artist, group or band. For many, this is important, and it may be for you.

We Provide:

  • Logo and Logotype Development (Illustrated or Digital Look).
  • Album or Single Cover Art – High Resolution Digital (1500 x 1500).
  • Flyers and Posters – High Resolution 300 dpi.
  • Web Banners or Small Digital Files for the Internet.

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Mixing and Mastering:

We use an effective and efficient process, while mixing and mastering. We can provide you with a strong product, you can work with in a short period of time.

The Method Includes:

  • Panning during the mix.
  • We add FX such as chorus and more when/or if needed.
  • Instrument and vocal EQ process with appropriate compression.
  • A small clean-up process will be applied if necessary.
  • Final mastering EQ and compression for maximum volume and quality.
  • Standard dithering for a bright strong sound.
  • We provide a file in WAV format, High Resolution, 44.1 KHz / 16-bit Quality.
  • We will offer you an Mp3 encoding if you wish.

We ask that you please provide us with the best quality recordings that you have. 24-bit resolution WAV format is preferred, but we will accept 16-bit. For a strong, clean mix and master, it is important to have had your instruments and vocals recorded though separate audio lines. If you are looking for a live sound, this will be less necessary.

We will however, do what we can at all times, doing our best to work with what you have recorded. We look to give you that professional clean sound, while never affecting your creativity and original audio.

All albums, and singles available on this website, have been mixed and mastered at the Karma Soul Records Studio.

Remixing Production:

This is one of our real specialties. We have a great passion for achieving remixes that do the original recording well, while boosting it in whatever direction we feel it best fit.

At Karma Soul Records, our artists love to do remixes as well as original material, but we now provide a public service for remixing. We specialize in; Electronic Dance Music Remixes or EDMR, as we like to call it. We have the percussion tools, and advanced synthesis, to guaranty you a great remix, fitting into any of the following genre arias listed below.

We Provide (EDMR) Electronic Dance Music Remixes, inĀ all Forms of:

  • House
  • Hard House
  • Techno
  • Breaks
  • New Age
  • Lounge
  • Hip-Hop
  • Trance
  • Psy-Trance
  • Drum and Bass

To have us do a remix of your song for you, we ask that you please provide us with the best quality master that you have. 16-bit resolution WAV format (CD Quality in fine). If you have access to your original recordings, such as vocals or instruments recorded separately, this will just give us power to provide you with more remix options in the style.

Through all our services, we believe in working things out in such a way, that everyone is happy on all sides. We feel that good communication is important throughout all we do, so we support this idea. We keep nothing in the dark, so that you will know what we are doing, and where we are at with your work at all times. We offer flexible rates, so please contact us, we will be happy to work things out, depending on your position.